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Physics IT Essentials

Introductory information for new members of the department (and not only), biased towards computing and networking support material.

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Appropriate Use of Information and Communication Technology
The University’s information and communication technology (ICT) resources provide a rich array of services to our community. Ensuring the continuing utility and availability of these resources is the responsibility of service providers and consumers. These guidelines are intended to provide a framework for the protection and effective utilisation of these resources.
Changing Your Physics (Helios) Server Password
A brief explanation of how to change your password on the Physics server supporting email and remote logins.
Introduction to PCS Printers
A HOWTO document for setting up your windows, macos or linux clients to print to PCS supported printers.
Mailing Lists
Departmental mailing lists
PCS Forms
PDF and Web-based forms for activating dhcp hosts and opening firewall ports offered by PCS.
Software available to members of the UofT
Need utorid to login.
User Account Info and Configuration
This document provides important info for new or inexperienced users with accounts on the central departmental server.
Wireless Network Access in the Department of Physics
UofT member and visitors wireless access in the Physics department is provided by the ITS central services.
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