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Fourth Year Courses

Title Session Description
Course JPE493H1 fall Seismology
Course JPH441H1 winter Physical Science in Contemporary Society (formerly PHY341H1)
Course PHY42**H1F fall Advanced Physics Laboratory
Course PHY42**H1S winter Advanced Physics Laboratory
Course PHY405H1 winter Electronics Lab
Course PHY407H1 fall Computational Physics
Course PHY408H1 winter Times Series Analysis
Course PHY431H1 winter Topics in Biological Physics
Course PHY450H1 fall Relativistic Electrodynamics
Course PHY452H1 winter Statistical Mechanics
Course PHY454H1 winter Continuum Mechanics
Course PHY456H1 fall Quantum Mechanics II
Course PHY460H1 winter Nonlinear Physics
Course PHY471Y and PHY472H1 year Supervised Reading Courses
Course PHY472H1 year Supervised Study in Physics
Course PHY478H1 summer, fall, winter Research Project Course
Course PHY479Y1 year Research Project Course
Course PHY483H1/1483H fall Relativity Theory I
Course PHY484H1/1484H winter Relativity Theory II
Course PHY485H1/1485H fall Laser Physics
Course PHY487H1 fall Condensed Matter Physics
Course PHY489H1/1489H fall Introduction to High Energy Physics
Course PHY491H1/1491H winter Current Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics
Course PHY492H1/1498H fall Advanced Atmospheric Physics
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