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Third Year Courses

Title Session Description
Course JPE395H1 winter Physics of the Earth (formerly PHY395H1)
Course JPH311H1 fall History of Physics
Course PHY324H1 winter Practical Physics II
Course PHY327H1 fall Advanced Physics Laboratory
Course PHY331H1 fall Introduction to Biological Physics
Course PHY350H1 fall Electromagnetic Theory
Course PHY354H1 winter Advanced Classical Mechanics
Course PHY356H1 fall Quantum Mechanics I
Course PHY357H1 winter Nuclear and Particle Physics
Course PHY358H1 winter Atoms, Molecules and Solids
Course PHY371Y1 and PHY372H1 summer, fall, winter, year Supervised Reading Courses
Course PHY385H1 winter Introductory Optics
Course PHY392H1 fall Physics of Climate
Course PHY396Y0 year Research Topic Abroad
Course PHY397Y0 year Exchange Research Project Abroad
Course PHY398H0 summer, fall, winter Research Excursion Program
Course PHY399Y0 year Research Excursions Program
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